Aug, 17th 2024 | Atlanta, GA

Experience the rhythm, heat, and passion of Latin music like never before! We invite you to join us for the El Pum Pum Latin Music Festival, an exhilarating celebration of Latin culture that promises to be the musical highlight of your year.
The festival’s lineup features a dazzling array of Latin artists, from chart-topping sensations to rising stars, all ready to transport you to a world of vibrant melodies and irresistible beats. Whether you’re a long-time Latin music aficionado or just beginning to explore its rich and varied sounds, there’s something here for you.
The El Pum Pum Latin Music Festival is more than just a concert, it’s also a full-fledged cultural extravaganza! Savor the Latino experience with enticing food trucks serving up popular Latin dishes. Additionally, be sure to visit the Pum Pum Market, where you can discover unique crafts and goods from Latin artisans.
Whether you want to dance the night away with thousands of fellow music lovers, enjoy a premium concert experience in our Platinum Seats, or simply relax on the lawn under the stars, we have ticket options to suit every preference and budget.
Don’t miss out on the event of the season. Grab your friends, your dancing shoes, and your love for Latin culture, and join us for a day of unforgettable music and festivities. Book your tickets now and let the El Pum Pum Latin Music Festival be your gateway to an unforgettable Latin music experience!